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Give Your Home an Adirondack Feel by Adding Some Adirondack Flair

Give Your Home an Adirondack Feel by Adding Some Adirondack Flair

If you are like most Adirondack adventurers, chances are you left wishing you could bring part of the landscape and treasures home with you. The good news is you can! Whether you are looking to garnish your entire home with Adirondack touches, or keep it simple, there are endless ways to give your residence an Adirondack feel.

Decorate Spaces with Rustic Cabin Décor and Furniture 

Who does not love the warm and cozy feeling of log cabins and wooden furniture? Carry that warm and fuzzy feeling home by decorating rooms with Adirondack inspired furniture. From couches and chairs to dining room sets and bedroom furniture, every room in your home can contain scenic Adirondack furniture.

Fill Rooms with Adirondack Room Accessories

Whether your home has an overall Adirondack theme or not, spice up it up with some Adirondack décor. Light up rooms with lamps containing Adirondack touches, decorate coffee and end tables, and mantles with countryside trinkets and knickknacks, and adorn your walls with Adirondack signs and wall hangings. Do not stop there. Invest in Adirondack inspired rugs, pillows, blankets, bed sets, nightlights, and coasters, and engulf your rooms with the region’s aromas. Recreate the memorable scents by lighting Adirondack inspired scented candles or spritzing fragrances mimicking the smells of the outdoor air. The wide array of wonderful scents are sure to have you and guests reminiscing about Adirondack experiences.

Liven Your Kitchen with Adirondack Inspired Dishware and Dining Room Sets

Spend some time looking for Adirondack inspired dishware and dining room sets so you will always feel like you are enjoying a beverage or meal in an Adirondack restaurant setting. With so many options to choose from, you are destined to find something you like. If you do not find something you like, research reputable furniture builders that can design and build you one-of-a-kind pieces.

Set up Classic Adirondack Cedar Chairs

Everyone loves relaxing in classic Adirondack Cedar Chairs when they visit the Adirondacks.  Bring the classic chairs home by purchasing some of your own in the Adirondacks, or ordering some online from the convenience of your own home. While most people set up the chairs outdoors, do not be afraid to station them where you best see them fit. Sit back, relax, and dream of the Adirondacks while you get comfortable in your own Adirondack Cedar Chairs.

Place Common Adirondack Animal Sculptures in Your Yard

Statuettes of nature’s inhabitants are all over the Adirondacks. Decorate your yard with one or multiple sculptures resembling various Adirondack animals and you will always be close to nature’s animal creations. Purchase the sculptures right up in the Adirondack region or search your local stores for the outdoor decorations. Do you have a tree that you are considering pulling out of your yard? Another option is to have it carved! We love the Adirondack inspired tree carving that is new this year at Water Safari.

So, How Will You Give Your Home an Adirondack Taste?

It is easy to have the special and stunning Adirondack region follow you home. We hope that you are able to find a way to incorporate the area into your home so that you can always enjoy and remember your Adirondack adventure(s). Let us know how you plan on or already incorporate a taste of the Adirondacks in your home!

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