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Car-ride Checklist

family unpacking the car

Car-ride Checklist

Car rides with the whole family can be a little stressful if you don’t have the right things with you. So, here’s a checklist that will keep the kids busy and your mind at ease!

First, let’s go over the car-ride essentials

Of course, you always want to have your license and registration with you when you are going anywhere. Another thing you should have is a copy of your insurance policy, just in case something happens. Having your car manual can come in handy too if something stops working in your car. It’s important to have a spare tire with you as well. Lastly, a first aid kit, because you never know what’s going to happen and it’s better to be prepared!

Things to make your trip go smoother

If you like being extra prepared, here are some more items you would want to bring. Bring cash, just in case you run into places that don’t take cards (parking meters or road tolls). A flashlight can be useful if suddenly find yourself in the dark. Bring a ton of water bottles for the whole family, keeping hydrated is crucial, especially on those hot summer days. Bring a paper map, not everywhere has service for you to use GPS or Google Maps. If the areas you are traveling to do have service then I recommend bringing phone chargers that plug into the car. It’s always nice to have the ability to call anyone if you need to, also everyone is happier with a fully charged phone compare to a dead one.

Keeping everyone busy and happy!

Keeping the kids busy and happy during long car rides can be a challenge. Travel games are always a fun way to pass time and it’s something you can all do together. Bringing a good book can also make the time go by a little faster. A good road-trip playlist can make a car ride a lot of fun; everyone loves good tunes! Remember the snacks! Whether it’s carrot sticks, pretzels, granola bars, or chips, always have something for anyone to eat if they get hungry. If you have room to spare, bringing a small cooler to keep your drinks cold might be a nice treat.

Hopefully this checklist will help you have a fun stress-free car ride with your family!

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