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How to have an Awesome Summer Vacation

How to have an Awesome Summer Vacation

It’s summer (finally). Time to get outside and have some fun with friends and family. Whatever your plans are, make this the best summer ever! Believe it or not, you don’t have to go broke enjoying the sunny season. Here are just a few suggestions>

Play a sport with your friends. Nothing says outdoors like getting together for some friendly athletic competition. Grab the gang for an afternoon of touch football, basketball or soccer. If you want to take the intensity down a notch, try something simpler like horseshoes or lawn darts. Just remember, it’s all for fun and there are no losers. Remember to bring water, having fun in the sun can really tire you out. Water will help get you back in the game!

Go for a walk or ride a bike. There are limitless trails for bike riding and you can walk just about anywhere. Try walking in a park, along some water or even along railroad tracks. The serenity, as well as the exercise,  creates something memorable. Summer evenings are a little bit cooler than the daytime and are the perfect time for getting out. It is also a fantastic way of getting in some exercise. With everyone busy working or having fun a little exercise can go a long way towards a healthy lifestyle.

Visit a park. Enjoy the outdoors as you grab a blanket, and have a picnic, play games and have fun. Always respect the rules of the park, and don’t leave any trash when you clean up. Bring a bag with you to collect paper plates, cups, and napkins to throw away either at the park or at home. The Adirondacks are filled with protected forests and magnificent parks that are a perfect place to spend the day.

Become a local tourist and explore your own town. After living in an area for a while, we all lose sight of its beauty and offerings and merely seems like a place to go to work and go grocery shopping. Look around with new eyes and you’ll discover what you’ve been missing.

Finally, you owe it to yourself to do nothing. Give yourself a break and dedicate some time to relaxing and recharging your inner battery. This is often overlooked but some downtime is vital to have energy when you need it most.

As always, stay safe, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen! Wherever the Summer months may take you have a blast and share some lifelong memories.

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