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Top 5 Reasons to Camp in Old Forge [this Fall!]

Top 5 Reasons to Camp in Old Forge [this Fall!]

Although it’s sad for most to see the summer months say goodbye, the start of school and chillier weather tells us that fall has finally arrived! Now, camping during ANY season is an amazing time, but fall camping presents some unique activities and scenery that we just can’t get the rest of the year.

We’ll soon have those brisk mornings, gorgeous fall foliage, the comfort foods we all know and love, all while you’re bundled up in cozy clothes—it’s no secret why autumn camping is a must for any outdoor enthusiast!

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love fall camping in Old Forge:

1. Perfect weather

Like we mentioned before, fall is one of the best seasons to camp simply because the weather is ideal! You have the brisk mornings you love to wake up to, warm sunny days topped off with cool crisp nights. The storms of summer are a thing of the past, so you’re left with clear sunny days filled with bright skies and puffy clouds perfect for day-long exploring through trails or on the water.

2. Less (or no) bugs

Say goodbye to burning citronella candles, swatting at mosquitos, and the smell of bug repellent. RV travelers and tent settlers can be comfortable with the doors open or unzipped without worrying about the pesky flies.

3. Campfire-cooked comfort food

Comfort food is a fall camping staple—cooking at the campsite is just one of the best parts that make up the fall camping experience. When the cool evenings come, warm up at camp with the comfort foods best made over a fire.

4. Cheaper camping rates

Often, summer is the peak season for camping areas and parks (state and national), which translates to less expensive off-season rates and fewer crowds. Nothing beats having an open camping area nearly all to yourself!

We saved the best for last:

5. Adirondack fall foliage

Anywhere you go in New York promises to be beautiful, but in the Adirondacks, specifically Old Forge, shamelessly display the most gorgeous fall foliage than anywhere else in the state!

Just imagine:

You wake up on a crisp, still, fall morning, unzip your tent or open your RV door, and take in the breathtaking spectrum of reds, oranges, and yellow trees. Is there any better way to start the day? As you explore the beautiful Adirondacks whether you’re hiking, fishing, or paddle boarding, a lot more timeless with the Adirondack fall foliage in the background.

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